A Bizarre Dream

In an age where technology advances at breakneck speeds, the world we live in is rapidly evolving, reducing landmarks and nostalgic locations to memories. Having witnessed the fast changing landscape of his hometown beijing, artist qiuriu du created a series of vibrant paintings and illustrations to offer his critical perspective of the growing pains associated with modernization and urbanization

An exhibition titled “a bizarre dream” at Van Der Plas gallery in the lower east side shows works drawn from Qiurui’s childhood memories. The pieces depict daily scenes of old Beijing that the artist grew up with including things like watermelon fruit stands and 2rmb hair-cutting services in the lively Beijing hutongs. Some of the works pair contemporary cultural symbols with quirky, wrapped creatures that look as if they belong in a cult horror film. when combined and placed on top of urban landscapes, the effect is a surreal nightmarish atmosphere.

In the exhibition, Qiurui also shared his thoughts on many social issues, such as the expanding desire for material life in cities like NYC, the increasing number of “emotionally immature adults” across the world, and questioning whether fitting into the so called “social norms ” are worthwhile.


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