American China: A Communal Dinner

Art parley, an art collective formed by Sue Jeong Ka and Melissa Liu concluded their residency at artbuilt mobile studio with a special communal dinner event. For the past six weeks, art parley has been using the mobile studio as their base to not only prepare for the second issue of their ongoing multilingual newspaper project -Round Robin, but also to construct a creative forum for different communities and groups in the neighborhood to share projects. The resulting conversations and interactions aim to strengthen cross-cultural solidarity and understanding.

During the communal dinner event, there was delicious food from local Chinese restaurants as well as a special porcelain dinnerware series by artist Brian Foo titled American China to the park. After doing an oral history project with his grandfather, Brian Foo realized as a fifth generation Chinese american, he knew only a few things about the history of Chinese in America. Based on family stories he collected, coupled with research on the Chinese exclusion act, Brian decided to transform people, objects and events in Chinese american history and apply them to dinnerware. He hopes that it encourages younger Chinese Americans to talk about Chinese american history at the dinner table.



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