Asian Kitchen – Hao Xiang Ju

Although Xiangxi is in Hunan, we are getting a taste of it right here in New York. It’s all about using local ingredients to achieve the sour and sweet flavor they are known for. Here at Hao Xiang Ju, they are committed to bringing a taste of home to Flushing in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

There are so many enchanting dishes at this restaurant. There's even one that mixes radish, stir fried bacon, carrot skin, and pork. The wide selection gives locals a taste of this region like they've never had before. And in the private dining space, you'll feel like a king and queen with your very own personal chef. It's time to experience it for yourself!
Hao Xiang Ju is located on Flushing’s Prince Street, 37ave. It's a five minute walk from the 7 and 5 trains.


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