The search is on! Join hosts Christina Colgan and Summer Sit as they seek hidden Chinese gems in NYC.  Watch weekly as the duo explores the city from a Chinese lens, from fashion and sports to food and art!


City Searchers | Best NYC Desserts to Eat This Summer – Alimama

Donuts, ice cream, cream puff, oh my! Watch as the City Searchers try the summer’s...

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City Searchers | Dim Sum

Shumai? Cha siu bao?Christina and Summer will tell you their favorite dim sum!

City Searchers | HK Style Breakfast

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City Searchers | Chinese Candy

Summer and Christina try some classic Chinese candies in Aji Ichiban!

City Searchers | New Territories

We all scream for ice cream! Follow the City Searchers as they venture through this...


Christina Colgan was born in California but moved to Hong Kong when she was 9 years old. She lived there for 13 years before she moved to New York and started working for Sinovision. Being half Chinese and living in Asia for more than half her life allowed her to experience and enjoy the culture in a way she wouldn’t have been able to in America. She loves seeking out various events, restaurants, and more in NYC that promote the Chinese culture and hopes these videos bring joy to those watching.

Growing up in Hong Kong, Summer Sit is passionate about both Chinese and HK culture. Having recently moved to NYC, she enjoys exploring food and other lifestyle areas that keep her connected with her home city. She joins co-host Christina Colgan to do just that!

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