Gallery 456 presents a double solo exhibition of NY based artists Soonae Tark and Ping Zheng. Both artists’ work combines nature and geometry.

Ping Zheng’s exhibition is an internal and external exploration. Born into a traditional Chinese patriarchal family, Ping felt it was difficult for her to establish her individuality with her parents, and often spent a lot of time in nature.

While she was in limited communication with her family, she fully expressed herself on canvas. After years of painting she encountered a piece at the New Museum that would change her course forever. The fish and flower work entitled “Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon” inspired her to demonstrate gender equality in nature.

While Ping’s work uses geometric shapes paired with naturally inspired patterns, Soonae creating geometric shapes on wooden boards. While they are symbolic on their own, the two artists work can be used as an extension of one another.

Soonae Tark’s show, “Constructions,” is the continuation of her work created at the Vermont Studio Center last winter. The rural environment inspired her to create. Using the studio’s large space, Soonae used tape to construct shapes. The idea came alive again when she saw some pieces of wood in the trash outside of a store in NY.

Lines, angles, and space interact with each other, creating a sense of three-dimensional movement based on two-dimensional geometric forms. This is how the name of the exhibition “Constructions” came to be. Soonae also incorporated bright, vivid colors to the forms, giving the once plain lines a burst of energy…

Sinovision’s intern reporter Candice Li brings you the story.


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