Controversial “Dogman” Statue in Chinatown

About a week before Chinese lunar new year, in celebration of the year of the dog, the Chinatown partnership and Chinatown bid announced that a 900 pound bronze statue of a half canine, half human with an apple in its hand would be installed in Chinatown’s KimLau square on February the 15.

After the announcement, controversy erupted over the “dogman” statue. There was opposition to it in Chinatown among the Chinese american community. Soon, Chinatown activists launched an online petition to collect signatures and opinions of the statue, with calls for the installation to be called off. Within 2 days, 300 signatures were collected and in response, Chinatown partnership put the plans on hold.

Why is this statue generating so much controversy? To learn more, we talked with people on both sides of the debate.


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