Farewell My Concubine NY Premiere featuring Shanghai Peking Opera

Coming this fall, the met performance series known as METlivearts will bring talents from Shanghai peking opera to the MET and present the peking opera masterpiece “Farewell my concubine” in the museum’s Ming dynasty style scholar’s garden, Astor Court.

Starring Peking opera stars Shang Changrong and Shi Yihong, “Farwell my concubine” tells the epic tale of Xiang Yu, the king of western chu from 200bc and his concubine Lady Yu.

As Xiang is surrounded by enemy forces and on the verge of defeat, Lady Yu killed herself with Xiang’s sword to die alongside to her love.

Though astor court can only hold about 70-80 seats, the distance between the audience and performers is shortened, creating a unique setting and viewing experience.


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