Jin Jiuxun’s Solo Exhibition: Turbo Turbot

Artist Jin Jiuxun and curator Lin Zi believe that written history is always told by modernists coming from a single perspective. Images serve as the accomplices to the text.

By presenting iconic imagery of historic moments over and over, a dominant narrative becomes implanted in peoples’ minds. As a result, people often ignore the complexity of history, and are more easily manipulated by any authority that decides what version of history is told.

With an understanding of history and modernism, Jiuxun used a postmodernist method to deconstruct the idea of a dominant narrative or grand history. He collected a variety of found footage including archival footage as well as fictional tv and films. Editing the footage together and juxtaposing different time periods and spaces next to one another, Jin created a series of video montages with their own style of language that follows its own logic…


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