KAI Gallery‘s Grand Opening Exhibition

Founded in 2007, Fitzgerald Fine Arts has always kept a curatorial focus on Chinese art by

examining eastern art traditions and seeing how traditional mediums, techniques and motifs could be incorporated into contemporary practices.

As a continuation of its examination of Chinese art, Fitzgerald Fine Arts recently launched KAI gallery in soho at 78 grand street. The gallery aims to feature innovative contemporary art from china as well as global contemporary art with Chinese influence.

For the gallery’s grand opening exhibition there were various works by 8 artists using different mediums including photography, oil painting, ink drawings, ceramics and porcelain.

Regardless of their backgrounds and inspirations, the featured artists all have one thing in common: they're constantly exploring and broadening the notion of contemporary Chinese art

Trained in classical methods based in jingdezhen, a region associated with exceptional porcelain production, Artist Jared Fitzgerald has been studying and practicing Chinese ceramic and porcelain craftsmanship for over a decade.

In addition to elegant porcelain vases, there are also two large porcelain panels on display. Seeing the panel as his canvas, Jared used the underglaze method to paint on top.

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