Longjing Manor: The Most Authentic Hangzhou Restaurant

Hang bang cai, or Hangzhou cuisine, is a branch of Zhejiang Cuisine, one of the eight great cuisines of China. It’s known for its fresh and delicate flavors. Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang (and also a culinary paradise) is home to a large number of amazing restaurants that serve delicious dishes. Today, we are taking a deeper look into a documentary that features a special restaurant located in Longjing area, Dai’s Garden(Longjing Manor), and the secret story behind it. The restaurant is owned and operated by Dai Jianjun, who values the freshness of food and is always pursuing it.

After Dai discovered Suichang, an isolated village suitable for serving as a production base for his restaurant, he decided to put his restaurant’s earnings toward building a school for children in the area. Gonggeng Academy is a safe haven that invites students on the weekend to do homework and study traditional Chinese classics, free of charge.

Making natural food and providing customers with authentic flavor has always motivated Dai. Gonggeng Academy is also a continuation of his dream in keeping the essence of Chinese tradition. It is a story of Dai’s garden, and how people are pursuing their passions in modern China.


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