Ming River Sichuan Baijiu Popup

With its unique hot, spicy and peppery taste, Sichuan cuisine has earned recognition and popularity across the states, but have you heard of Sichuan Baijiu?

Offering New Yorkers a taste of Sichuan Baijiu, Ming River Baijiu recently had a pop up at M Greenpoint in Brooklyn, presenting authentic Baijiu, Baijiu based cocktails and Sichuan dishes to pair the drink with.

Meaning “white spirit” in mandarin, Baijiu is a category that encompasses all traditional Chinese grain spirits. Due to different production techniques, different regions of China have their own signature Baijiu with respective style and taste. Ming River collaborated with one of China’s oldest distillery that dates back to the Ming Dynasty, Luzhou Laojiao to present the authentic Sichuan Baijiu…


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