Occupation Nation: Diving Coach Zhihua Hu

In this episode, we paid a visit to Fordham University and met up with
diving coach Zhihua Hu who's now entering his 21st season as a
swimming & diving coach at Fordham. He's also the founder of NY Diving
Club and has nurtured numerous divers over the decades.

Hu, who prior to his arrival at Rose Hill served as the diving coach
at the College of New Jersey and is a native of China, where he was an
Olympic Training Camp Coach with the 1996 and 1992 Chinese Olympic

As head coach, he was responsible for coaching Zhuochen Yu to a Gold
Medal at the 1995 World Championships and Silver at the 1996 Olympics.
Hu also coached Hailian Xiao to a Bronze Medal at the 1996 Olympics
and Liang Tan to a Silver Medal at the 1992 Olympics.

As an assistant coach, his divers won Gold Medals at the 1992 and 1996
Olympics, and a Bronze in 92. Hu has also served as a coach with the
Chinese National Team as well as head coach of the Zhejiang Provincial
Diving Team.

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