Off-Broadway Musical “Comfort Women” With All Asian Cast

From 1930-1945, more than 20,000 women and girls were trafficked or forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese army in occupied territories including Korea, China and the Philippines.

Referred to as “comfort woman”, these women were held in brothels called comfort stations for the purpose of boosting Japanese soldiers’ morale. They lived in harsh conditions where they were subjected to rape from up to 100 soldiers a day. If they resisted, they would be beaten or murdered. Only 25-30% of these women survived the war, and those who did survive forever lived with both physical and mental pain.

After noticing that many westerners didn’t know about the tragic history of “comfort women”, playwright Dimo Kim decided to take a theatrical approach to shed a light on their often untold story. Based on real life accounts of a few surviving “comfort women”, he wrote the musical, also titled “comfort women”, which follows several Korean women who are tricked into working at comfort stations in Indonesia.


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