Playing Mah Jongg and Having Fun!

Introduced to Mahjong when she’s only 9 years old, Linda Feinstein fell in love with this game immediately and taught herself how to do it just by watching her mom playing.

Having a passion with the game, she has taught thousands of women to play and enjoy Mahjong, bringing a Mahjong renaissance among New yorkers. In 2005, Linda founded Manhattan Mah Jongg club, gathering Mahjong lovers from all across the city to play together on every Monday afternoon.

The version Linda plays is American Mahjong, a variant of the Chinese game Mahjong. Originated from China, the game of Mahjong has developed a lot in the land of America. Though still sharing many similarities with Asian Mahjong in terms of its tiles and basic ideas, American Mahjong has it's special rules.

Even with differences, American Mahjong and Chinese Mahjong both share the same value - playing mahjong is not only a great exercise for brain, but also a social opportunity for players to make friends and celebrate their shared tradition...

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