Saturday Chinese 03:Finding the Right Teacher for You

An easy going teacher makes a passionate student, a strict teacher makes an obedient student. Teaching styles and teachers’ personalities are essential for students academic life. Having a right chemistry with teacher can stimulate students’ enthusiasm in learning.

CMP provides suitable teachers for each students, some are easy-going, some have strict disciplines, some are the combination of both. However, all the staffs vale emotional education, bonding with students through teaching them proper manners and etiquette. Although they cannot just copy and paste teaching styles in China, but at least to some teachers are able to come to the office at 8 am to correct their homework one by one. The dedicated and responsible behaviors at work show their full-ranged cares for the students.

They say, Repetition is the father of learning, but what is the father of finances? For CMP it can be hard to receive government aid because by giving grants to certain language schools and not others, it becomes unfair. The money that is generated from the students’ low cost tuition usually only covers wages. The advisors and teachers hope to expose several aspects of Chinese culture, however there are very little resources for extracurricular activities.The resourcefulness of CMP shines through no matter the finances.


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