For those who want to get a glimpse of Shanghai without having to
travel there can pay a visit to Grand Central.

For two days, Vanderbilt Hall will be transformed into a
Shanghai-themed wonderland and will feature two exhibitions:"shanghai
flavor", which showcases the splendor of shanghai's cultural heritage
through paper tearing and relief art made from cans, and "Amazing
shanghai", photographic works that capture the beauty and charm of
today's shanghai.

The opening ceremony was attended by head officials of shanghai
municipal foreign affairs office, shanghai municipal administration of
culture, radio, film & TV, and the information office of shanghai

Also in attendance were Jiliang he, chairman of eastday.com, Lei Wang,
deputy consulate general, Chinese consulate in NY and guests from
various NY cultural organizations.

Shanghai is a place where the traditional and modern meet and fuse.
While the city leads the world as an international center for finance,
business, shipping and technological innovation, it’s also where
cultural heritages are well preserved and respected.

Both new and old aspects of Shanghai are displayed in the exhibitions
- at the entrance of the hall representing the traditional section of
shanghai stands a scale model of Jiuqu bridge of Shanghai’s Yu Garden,
coupled with actual craftsmen showcasing skills that have been passed
along from generation to generation.

Visitors can also experience Chinese craftsmanship through AR
technology with a video that showcases the city's endless energy and
fast innovation.

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