Over the years, Chinese artists Dawei Wang and Fang Fu have been
exploring visual representations of people, spaces, and memories of
the outer world. Now, they are bringing their recent artwork to
Chinatown’s YUI gallery for the exhibition titled “Somniloquist”.

After three years of life in America, Chinese artists Fang Fu and Wang
Dawei experienced the feeling of alienation and displacement. These
feelings were absorbed and internalized by the artists and then
transformed into their respective art expressions.

Featuring Sparse landscape and lingering mist, coupled with surreal
elements scattered around, Fang Fu’s works are like constructing a
private mental world, inviting audiences to step in and immerse
themselves in the atmosphere.

As for Wang Dawei, human figures are depicted as tiny against the
urban scenes that the artist intentionally scales up, emphasizing
humankinds struggle in unfamiliar environment.

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