Studio Visit: Fay Ku

Even though artist fay ku immigrated to the u.s. At the age of three, she hasn’t forgotten her eastern roots.

The meticulous, fine brushstrokes she applies on paper is like that off Chinese gongbi style, and the empty backgrounds she uses appear to be influenced by “blank leaving”, a style that Chinese ink wash paintings utilize.

Growing up, mythologies, folktales, and historical stories always captured her imagination, and these tales served as the inspiration for her work.

A girl transforming into a fish, two hybrid birds humans fighting with each other,
these are just some of Fay’s characters that combines human and animal-reminiscent of hybrid creatures from various mythologies.

Whether it’s animal or human or a combination of the two, her characters mirror the complexity of human nature and the ambiguous relationship between them is a reflection of socialization.

To learn more about Fay Ku’s paintings, you can visit her website at


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