Studio Visit: Wentao Wei

After getting his master’s degree in marketing, Wentao Wei decided to switch his career path from business to arts. This decision brought him to NYC, where he studied at the renowned ICP, international center of photography.

Influenced by his father, who is a fan of Chinese pastoral poet Tao Yuanming, Wentao thinks even with the development of the human world, people should always respect nature. In Wentao‘s’ photography works, he tries to emphasize the great importance of the unity and balance of man and nature.

In his series “the theory of evolution”, Wentao photographed peaceful scenes from national parks as well as green parts of NYC. the contrast between the ‘real nature’ of national parks and the man-made nature within the city represents what Wentao sees as the evolution of human civilization and man’s desire to control nature. Another series Wentao did on nature is “appearance and essence”, in which he took a lot of photos of trees in central park. He then digitally processed the photos to switch some parts from positive to negative…


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