Summer Cocktails

When you think summertime drinking-you probably jump quickly to beer or rosé. At En Japenese Brasserie, they are serving one alcoholic beverage that is rich in both history and flavor. This summer- you're sure to be saying- Sake to me baby!

While sake can steal the show on it's own, it's even better when it's infused into a cocktail. Yoshi combines Daku and freshly squeezed honeydew juice to make a drink that is like summer vacation for your taste buds.

You can't enjoy your drinks without some mouthwatering snacks. Monica orders us KAREI KARA AGE- bone in fried flounder with shishito peppers, tomatoes,and scallions, paired with spicy ponzu sauce. OK- now I'm thirsty- AND hungry!

Now that we’ve taken a sip out of Japan, it's time to head to Europe. We're here at OCabanon for drinks and food that will have you saying OUI OUI OUI all the way home.


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