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Finding the Bicycle

Yiran Chang is in pursuit of the oldest bike store in Beijing which can be traced back to the end of Qing dynasty.

The Chinese Exclusion Act

Signed into law in 1882 and repealed sixty-one years later in 1943, the Chinese Exclusion Act was the first law implemented to prevent a...

“Guangzhou Dream Factory” Documentary

Yes we (Afri)CAN in China! This documentary chronicles Africans immigrating to China to pursue their dreams. Watch to learn more more about the opportunities they...

Bei Bei: The women behind the doc

Bei Bei Shuai was charged with murder and attempted feticide when she tried to commit suicide while pregnant. Directors Rose Rosenblatt and Marion...

Chinese American Director Kenneth Eng Talks about Documentary My Life in China

My Life in China records Yau King Eng’s trip back to China. Eng escaped Cultural Revolution in 1966 and immigrated to the U.S....

Above the Drowning Sea

On the eve of WWII, tens of thousands of Jewish refugees were trapped in Nazi-controlled Germany, Austria, Poland. During WWII, many nations closed their borders and...

Behind the Screen: Slow Angels

Documentary film maker Ying Lu made her first documentary about a special group of people -- children who have cerebral palsy in China. She...

Asian CineVision Annonces The 40th AAIFF Program

Presented by asian cinevision in association with Asia society, asian american international film festival has arrived at its 40th year. As the nation’s first and...

Behind The Documentary: Tyrus Wong

Throughout the legend's 106 year-long life, Tyrus Wong tried many different roles in the art world, including film production illustrator, painter, muralist, and lithographer,...
China Now! Three Films from the Chinese Documentary Festival Programvideo

China Now! Three Films from the Chinese Documentary Festival Program

Collaborating with visible reccord and Hongkong's Chinese documentary festival, China institute held a screening event titled "China now", featuring one feature and two shorts...