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Asian Kitchen – Spice World

Fall and winter is rapidly approaching. What better way to warm up than with some spicy Sichuan food? There’s a place that’s well known...

Asian Kitchen – Wanchai

See how these dishes rate

Asian Kitchen – Flower Brook Mifen House

A homemade recipe from the Flushing Food Court now has its very own home. Say hello to Flower Brook Mifen House. Edison’s new store...

Asian Kitchen – Papparich – Fried Hainan Chicken

We revisit Papparich to see what's new on their menu. Fried Hainan Chicken!

Asian Kitchen – Secret Menu in the City

We have eaten so many different Asian cuisines in New York. If you name it, we've tried it. While we are professional eaters, it's...

Asian Kitchen – Village Crab & Sea

Every kind of seafood here. Giant steamed foods lazy susan, sashimi, lobster, congee. THere's an oyster bar, Cajun style crayfish boil, hot pot with...
Asian Kitchen - Papparichvideo

Asian Kitchen – Papparich

We revisit Papparich to see what's new on their menu.
Asian Kitchen - Wan Chai Seafood Restaurantvideo

Asian Kitchen – Wan Chai Seafood Restaurant

We visit Wan Chai Seafood restaurant in flushing, queens and prepare to have some amazing seafood and some unexpected dishes. Professor Yang and Darren...
Asian Kitchen - Steam Kung Fuvideo

Asian Kitchen – Steam Kung Fu

Northern Boulevard. Owners Samuel and Jason introduce us to steamed hot pot and new cantonese cuisine. Taking advantage of an innovative new hot pot and...
Asian Kitchen - Friendship BBQvideo

Asian Kitchen – Friendship BBQ

We return to Long Island as we head to Elaine's Asian Bistro & Grill in Great Neck. This time we're getting ready for Valentines...