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Remembering Fred Ho

In the midst of Fred Ho’s birthday, we are taking a moment to remember his legacy.

New York Electroacoustic Music Festival 2018

New York Electroacoustic Music Festival, also known as NYCEMF, is an International event that has been held for 8 years.

New York Philharmonic Lunar New Year concert 2018

To celebrate the year of the dog, the US- China Cultural Institute and the New York Philharmonic co-organized the 7th annual Lunar New Year...

Chinese Songs on Campus 2018 Officially Kicked Off with a Press Conference

For all the students in the U.S with a great voice and love for chinese songs who find that KTV is not enough, you...

Ji Cong:Chinese pianist inspiring people by her music

Ji Cong is a Chinese Ph.D. student studying music at City University of New York-Graduate Center. Prior to that, she attended New York...

SinoVision Teen’s Talent Show 2017 Awards Ceremony

On the evening of November 8th, the long-awaited SinoVision Teen's Talent Show Awards Ceremony took place in New York City. Not only was some of...

China NCPA Orchestra Carnegie Hall Premerie

Known as one of the world’s most popular music concertos, The Yellow River Piano Concerto has already been appreciated throughout the U.S. In fact,...

The Joyous String Ensemble: Learning Music with Fun

Led by nine-year-old cellist,Justin Yu, the world’s youngest string orchestra – "The Joyous String Ensemble" has been together since most of the members were...

Occupation Nation: Conductor Mark Seto

Leading a musical life as a conductor, scholar, teacher, and violinist, Mark Seto is Co-Artistic Director and Conductor of The Chelsea Symphony and the...

The Rising Chinese Rap Star PG One Performed at Modern Sky Festival

Hip Hop, known as “Xi Ha” in Chinese, is becoming increasingly popular among Chinese youth who have been introduced to it, and it...