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Asian Kitchen – Grill Master

Delicious?! More like grill-licious! At Grill Master in Flushing, discover kinds of grilled fish and meat, from the sea, farm, and river. Join hosts...

City Searchers | Chinese Snacks at the Queens Night Market

Eat ALL the food! From fried chicken to roast duck baos to monster shaved ice, this place has it all! City Searches found all the...

Tea and Milk – A Story of Tea Lovers

Growing up drinking and appreciating tea, childhood friends Matt, Wilson and Kendy co-founded tea based drink store “Tea and Milk” in Astoria, Queens. The...

Asian Kitchen – Wanchai

See how these dishes rate

Asian Kitchen – Century Super Buffet

We've been to many Asian spots in NYC and the surrounding areas- but not one quite like this. This is far from your typical...

Asian Kitchen – Flower Brook Mifen House

A homemade recipe from the Flushing Food Court now has its very own home. Say hello to Flower Brook Mifen House. Edison’s new store...

Asian Kitchen – Papparich – Fried Hainan Chicken

We revisit Papparich to see what's new on their menu. Fried Hainan Chicken!
Asian Kitchen - Queens Night Marketvideo

Asian Kitchen – Queens Night Market

This summer we check out the Queens Night Market. With a price cap, you can be sure to find loads to eat at the...

Bad Rap Documentary Film

Turn on the radio; change the channel on your TV; open a magazine. Where are the Asian-American rappers? In the documentary Bad Rap, director...


2 years ago, Cao Gezi moved from NY’s lower east side to jackson heights in Queens. Impressed by the ethnically diverse neighborhood and the...