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Geary Gallery – “The Sentinels”

Geary Gallery exhibited “The Sentinels”, created by Heidi Lau and Rachel Frank.

Where Should Dogman Go?

Yesterday, Chinatown Partnership LDC and Chinatown B.I.D. hosted a community meeting about the dogman sculpture issue. Executive Director Wellington Chen explained the intention behind...

Opening Reception REN Studio: Extraordinary Ordinary

Drawing inspiration from scenes from nature, artist Renqian Yang transformed what she had seen in national parks into her new series of ceramics works, which are...

Maya Lin Continues Her Investigation of Water with Pace Gallery

Ebb and Flow is Maya Lin’s new exhibition in Pace Gallery. The 11 new installations and sculptures are Lin’s investigation of water in its...
The Other Side of Seussvideo

The Other Side of Seuss

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Cat and the Hat. Green Eggs and Ham. Dr. Seuss has been enchanting children and adults with his out...
Dionisio Cimarelli - International Sculptorvideo

Dionisio Cimarelli – International Sculptor

Dionisio Cimarelli is a renown artist who has traveled the world, constantly adding to his repertoire of sculptures. He studied in Asia in the...
Long-Bin Chenvideo

Long-Bin Chen

In New York City, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, or in this case, art career. Artist Long-Bin Chen takes used, discarded books...
Wu Jiannan: Finding Inspiration For Sculpturevideo

Wu Jiannan: Finding Inspiration For Sculpture

Having trained as a sculptor for 7 years, Chinese artist Wu Jiannan is always trying to find new possibilities for sculpture that's inspired by...
“The Simple Line” and “Textbooks”video

“The Simple Line” and “Textbooks”

In Li Hongbo’s latest exhibition “textbooks” at Klein Sun gallery, the artist collected thousands of second-hand Chinese and American textbooks and adopted them in...
The Dog’s Notesvideo

The Dog’s Notes

Inspired by observing dogs, artist Poren Huang borrowed the figures of human being’s best friend to use in his sculptures to present human behaviors,...