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Asian Kitchen – Jeju Noodle Bar

Say goodbye to Japchae, bulgogi, and seafood pancake (at least for now!) At Jeju Noodle Bar, Chef Douglas is committed to showing the versatility...

Asian Kitchen – Return to Village Crab & Sea

Seafood, hotpot lunch special, 99 cent oysters, snails, sashimi, fried crab legs. All of these and more as we return to Village crab and sea

Asian Kitchen – Late Night Seafood Part II

If you got full from last week’s episode, then you’re seen nothing yet! We had grilled fish, crawfish, bullfrog, roasted oysters and grilled scallops....

Asian Kitchen – Late Night Seafood 海鲜夜宵

During the hot summer days, many people crave food that’s on the lighter side. But all bets are off after hours! On this episode,...

Asian Kitchen – Wanchai

See how these dishes rate

Asian Kitchen – Century Super Buffet

We've been to many Asian spots in NYC and the surrounding areas- but not one quite like this. This is far from your typical...

Asian Kitchen – Papparich – Fried Hainan Chicken

We revisit Papparich to see what's new on their menu. Fried Hainan Chicken!
Asian Kitchen - Queens Night Marketvideo

Asian Kitchen – Queens Night Market

This summer we check out the Queens Night Market. With a price cap, you can be sure to find loads to eat at the...

Asian Kitchen – New Mulan Restaurant

Newly renovated New Mulan Restaurant inside of Queens Crossing is our next destination. Not only offering a great dim sum selection, there are also...

Asian Kitchen – Lobster

A look back on lobster dishes