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Word on the Street – Can You Take the Heat

It’s blazing hot this summer! This week we teach you Chinese terms that have to do with the heat!

Word on the Street – My Son-in-Law is a What?

It’s wedding season so here are some Chinese terms about marriage. Can you guess what they mean?

Rainbow Room’s Rose Bar Pop Up

Take a final sip (and bite) out of summer! At the Rainbow Room's Rose Bar Pop Up, you can experience everything pink from high...

Asian Kitchen – Late Night Seafood Part II

If you got full from last week’s episode, then you’re seen nothing yet! We had grilled fish, crawfish, bullfrog, roasted oysters and grilled scallops....

Tea and Milk – A Story of Tea Lovers

Growing up drinking and appreciating tea, childhood friends Matt, Wilson and Kendy co-founded tea based drink store “Tea and Milk” in Astoria, Queens. The...

Asian Kitchen – Summer Hotpot

Dolar shop is the premium when it comes to New York hot pot.It's even a must visit for celebrities! There's no coincidence that we're...

Asian Kitchen – BBQ

Summers in my memory are represented by the smell of bbq from streets and backyards. On Asian kitchen, we have featured all kinds...
Brooklyn Ninja Workoutvideo

Brooklyn Ninja Workout

We've got less than a month until it's officially Fall, so many New Yorkers are trying to get in as many outdoor workouts as...
Asian Kitchen - Penguin Ice Creamvideo

Asian Kitchen – Penguin Ice Cream

It is so hot in New York this summer, and it’s keep being hotter and hotter. Today, we’re bringing you a treat that’s as...
Summer Restaurants NYC: The Tang, Pig and Khaovideo

Summer Restaurants NYC: The Tang, Pig and Khao

When most people think of summer cuisine, they think of BBQ or seasonal produce from the garden. But noodles- aren't those more of a...