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Tea and Milk – the perfect ingredient duo that gives this small hidden shop in Astoria the reputation for being one of the best street drinks in New York City. Tea and Milk lives up to their authentic motto of handcrafting each tea with Natural and Quality ingredients. One of their signature drinks, the taro milk tea has received high praise for its use of real taro that has yet to be imitated.

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We paid a visit to this one of a kind milk tea shop as they recently introduced a line of seasonal tea drinks that is cool for the summer. Some of their featured summer drinks include: Iced Lychee Green Tea, Hibiscus Mint Mojito and Mango Green Tea/Black Tea.

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One of the co-founders, Mathew, expressed that Tea and Milk starts with researching and experimenting for the perfect blend. Before starting Tea and Milk, there was a lot of experimentation with teas to come up with a great beverage. With his founding friends in Tea and Milk, they discovered various teas from traveling to places like India, China and Taiwan and selecting the best flavors to extract. In doing so, they are letting people get a taste of cultures from around the world.

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In an age where powdered drinks are a popular option, Tea and Milk rises above this trend and brews each beverage on the spot. The team are also constantly learning new things about tea and using that knowledge to craft a better drink. From their humble beginnings at LIC flea to having an award-winning shop, the future for Tea and Milk looks bright

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Address: 32-02 34th Ave Astoria, New York

Public Transit: N & Q to Broadway; M & R to Steinway


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