The Asian American Man Study

There are nine million asian men living in the united states and for a long time, there was no survey that focused on asian american men. That is, until tech entrepreneur and advocate for asian americans Jason Shen created one in 2015.

Named “the asian american man study”, the survey listed questions in six sections including Demographics, race & identity, media, dating, stereotypes, and “where are you from”. By collecting and crunching all these data, Jason Shen hoped to get a better understanding of what asian american men face in the U.S.

Though he admits the study can’t represent all the views and experiences of every asian american man, Jason Shen hopes the study can help people gain a more informed understanding of asian american men’s experience.

For this year, Jason plans has plans to focus this year's survey on the topic of “work”. For more information about the study, you can visit To find out more about Sinovision, please visit us at or follow our facebook page.

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