To Study at SVA, He Sold Himself on Chinese Social Media

After receiving an offer from school of visual arts, Chinese student Deng Linjie turned sought a loan to cover his expensive tuition but had all his applications rejected.

Despite feeling despair, Deng didn’t give up his dream to study abroad at his dream school. He turned to Chinese social media for help with the promise that he will return the money by the end of 2017 with 20% interest.

Shortly after his crowdfunding request was posted, Deng’s sincerity touched many Chinese netizens, and within one week, Deng received 500,000 yuan he needed to fund his education in New York.

When they transferred their money to Deng, it's possible none of the donors expected Deng would pay off his debt in time with the high cost of living of New York.

however, Deng successfully paid off his debt in just a little bit over two and a half years, including the 20% interest as promised.

When asked how he managed to pay off such big debt in such a short period of time, Deng shared that just three months after he landed in NYC, he started selling calligraphy works in iconic New York locations such as time square and central park.

Coupled with teaching online arts courses, translating works, and teaching American students Chinese calligraphy, he not only earned his own living expenses, but also had enough to pay back his donors.


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