Travel To Gulliver’s Gate

Our world tour begins right in our very own backyard- the Big Apple. Jason shows me some of the Gotham's icons, as well as some of the city's newest additions. Authenticity is the name of the game at Gulliver's Gate. All of the replicas are made in the country they are representing by local companies. I meet with founder Michael Langer to learn more about this international project. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Gulliver's Gate. Visitors get a behind the scenes look at how the mini world is created in their on-site studio. At Gulliver's Gate, you can do more than just experience the miniature world. You can become a part of it. Michael shows me how this is possible using one of three of the worlds specialized 3D printers. While Gulliver's Gate is a mini replica, it's definitely a larger than life exhibition. It's filled with detail, imagination, and creativity, and encourages its visitors to get involved. Traveling around the globe has never been easier!


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