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MOCA’s Icons and Innovators.

At the Museum of Chinese in America’s 18th Annual Legacy Awards Gala, three individuals were honored for their achievements and philanthropic contributions to society, among whom was 104 year old Tyrus Wong, the artist behind Disney’s Bambi. SinoVision Journal reporter Lani Nelson has the story. ...

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With digital multimedia business booming, the traditional magazine industry is gradually going downhill, but a couple of young entrepreneurs prove that new media is not necessarily incompatible with the traditional media industry. Co-founded by John Zhuang and Alice Zhang, and joined by several talents, foodgem.com ingeniously blends a traditional ...

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An Ancient Cure for the Youth.

The other day I was sitting in an event about Chinese traditional medicine recommended by my friend. Normally, I would not be interested in attending such an event at all. But as it turned out, I was completely fascinated by the wisdom behind Chinese traditional medicinal culture and in particular, the idea of the mind and body as the cure to sickn ...

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