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You Gonna Eat That? Durian.

The Durian is known as the king of all fruits. It has a spiky exterior and a pungent aroma that reminds some people of the smell of dirty socks. It's an expensive fruit despite the unpleasant odor but to some the taste is well worth it. Here at Sinovision #Hashtag we set out to see if the Durian lives up to its "royal" reputation as the king of all ...

Say What? – Episode 2 – My Balls Are Itchy.

SayWhat is the show where Americans try and pronounce Chinese phrases. Chris, Lani, and Danny try and pronounce some simple things in Chinese and realize that google translate isn't entirely accurate. You might also like Lisk Feng Performs a Short Song on Guitar This extra clip showcases Lisk Feng performing a short song on guitar. When Computer Sc ...

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