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New Avenues for Education.

As the world gets smaller, more and more parents are seeking out schools with pedagogy focused on global competency. Avenues: The World School offers its younger students immersion programs in Spanish or Chinese designed to provide them with true fluency in a second language as well as global mindedness. SinoVision Journal reporter Lani Nelson has ...

More Than Just Film: Revenge of the Green Dragons.

After watching Revenge of the Green Dragons, many people were surprised to learn that the Chinese gang stories depicted in the film are based on true events. Even more surprising is that a good number of the film’s actors experienced them personally. SinoVision Journal reporter Lani Nelson brings you Revenge of the Green Dragons from the actors ...

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An Ancient Cure for the Youth.

The other day I was sitting in an event about Chinese traditional medicine recommended by my friend. Normally, I would not be interested in attending such an event at all. But as it turned out, I was completely fascinated by the wisdom behind Chinese traditional medicinal culture and in particular, the idea of the mind and body as the cure to sickn ...

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No Nonsense Chef Eton Chan.

Chef Eton grew up in his parents' Chinese restaurant in Chicago. He continued his culinary education at the International Culinary Center (formerly kn ...

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